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Barometer - Bulgaria’s Political Parties
Barometer - Bulgaria’s Political Parties

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1. The political situation

1.1 Domestic policy
1.2 Foreign and European Policy
1.3. The refugee crisis

2. Status and development of the main political parties

2.1.Social-democratic and other center-left parties

2.1.1. BSP

2.1.2. ABV and Movement 21

2.1.3. The “Bulgarian Social Democrats” Party

2.2. Center-right parties

2.2.1. GERB
2.2.2. Reformist bloc
2.2.4. „Yes, Bulgaria!“

2.3. Centrist parties

2.3.1. MRF
2.3.2. DOST
2.3.3. „Volya“

2.4. Nationalist parties

2.4.1. United Patriots

2.5. Positions of the parties on foreign and European policy

3. Public opinion

4. Main conclusions and forecasts

  • Recent months will be remembered for the foreign political activity of the government. The good neighbourhood treaty signed with Macedonia stands out as a particularly big success. It had been postponed for years by the Macedonian side. The treaty improves the perspectives for Macedonia’s integration into NATO and the EU, and Bulgaria demonstrated that it can be an important political factor in the region.

  • BSP started the new political season actively. It started putting forward alternative legislation motions, which leads to focusing the political debate on issues that are important to this country. In this way BSP shows that it can be not only a strong opposition with a large parliamentary group in terms of numbers, but that it is trying to establish itself as a possible alternative to the government in the future.

  • GERB was rocked by several scandals during the summer months, which had a negative impact on the public image of the party. At the same time, the foreign political pro-activeness of the government and of PM Boyko Borisov compensated for the internal political negatives which GERB had to face over the past months. At this stage, GERB manages to maintain a relatively good dialogue with its coalition partners, despite the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister and NFSB leader Valery Simeonov mentioned that there had been problems in communication.
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