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Barometer - Bulgaria’s Political Parties
Barometer - Bulgaria’s Political Parties

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  1. Political situation
    1.1. Domestic policy
    1.2. Foreign policy and European policy
    1.3. Migrant crisis

  2. State and development of the main political parties

    2.1. Trends in the parliamentary represented parties supporting the government
    2.1.1. GERB
    2.1.2. Reformist Bloc
    2.1.3. Patriotic Front

    2.2. Trends in the parliamentary opposition
    2.2.1. BSP-Left Bulgaria
    2.2.2. MRF
    2.2.3. BDC
    2.2.4. "Ataka"
    2.2.5. ABV

    2.3. Positions of the parties on foreign and European policy

  3. Public opinion

  4. Main conclusions and forecasts

  • The political situation in the country will continue to be determined by the upcoming presidential elections. The country is entering an election campaign period. It seems that the main issues to be tackled in the forthcoming campaign will be the migrant flow, the challenges facing the country with regard to the international security environment and the crisis in the EU.

  • Despite the scandals and the tension during the nomination process for the Reformist Bloc’s candidate for president, the news is that there will be a joint nomination. The Bloc’s main goal is to preserve its consolidation during the elections, while the results will determine whether the project has a future.

  • The alliance between the Patriotic Front and “Ataka” for the elections is a major surprise, given the deterioration of the relations during the past year of NFSB’s leader Valeri Simeonov and the leader of “Ataka” Volen Siderov. The union between the nationalist formations might continue even after the presidential elections. But everything would depend on the performance of their presidential nominee tandem – Karakachanov-Notev.

  • The current campaign is of enormous importance for BSP. After heavy election losses in the past few years, the new leadership, represented by Kornelia Ninova, is ambitious to restore the electoral and political positions of the party. Rumen Radev is an unfamiliar figure for the public, but all things indicate that BSP will attempt to turn this to its advantage. 
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