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Economic and Social Policy


Formulation and implementation of policies - one of the main tasks of every government - has to follow a different, new pattern in a democratic and European Bulgaria, as compared to the old centralistic planning system. The consequences of non-transparent, unregulated privatization of state property and the corrupt appropriation of capital by organized criminal actors of the old communist nomenclature cause many problems for Bulgaria as a new member state of the European Union. In order to create fair competition and a functioning market Bulgaria needs new rules and new policies. A prudent fiscal and finance policy, an effective tax policy and their implementation should ensure revenues which the state can use to finance the social security systems for its citizens.

The negative social consequences of the transition during the first decade are slowly improving down due to successes in structural reforms of the economy. The deficiencies of social policies become now visible; especially health care, pension schemes and the educational system are in dreadful conditions. Bold reforms are needed in order to close the growing gap between rich and poor.

Our partners in this field are the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, as well as chambers of commerce and other business associations.


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