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Youth and Politics


Since the beginning of the transition more than one million people left Bulgaria. Mostly, they were young and highly qualified Bulgarians. Many see prospects for professional and personal progress only abroad. At the same time many say they would return or stay in Bulgaria, if there would be real opportunities for their future.

Democracy relies strongly on the political and social commitment of young people, who can only build its future through active participation. In order to achieve this, via practical and political education Bulgaria's youth has to be shown that it is possible and worth being committed and involved.

In cooperation with student organizations, political youth organizations, youth organizations of trade unions and different NGOs, educational events are organized in order to introduce young participants, who are interested in society and politics to "real" democracy. For more than 10 years a group of young activists of different parties, trade unions, student organizations, NGOs, Think Thanks and our so called "Future Leaders" has been meeting frequently, to debate with experts and each other about current topics. Since 2009 the annual "Summer Academy of Social Democracy" is taking place in order to teach young members of parties, trade unions and NGOs basic values and polities of social democracy.


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