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Labour Relations


Since its beginning the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is closely connected with the labour movement and the trade unions in Germany. Cooperation with trade unions is one of the strategic goals of the foundation. Therefore one of the main objectives of the work of FES in Bulgaria is the development of modern labour relations and social dialogue.

Trade unions should be supported in their internal restructuring, their organization should be made more efficient, and the professional competences of employees should be increased through educational programmes. Trade unions should learn to actively participate in formulating policies, to develop specific positions, and to contribute to the social dialogue in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian trade unions should find their place and role among the European and international trade union networks. Bulgaria as a new member of the EU has to adapt to the European social model with all its rules and mechanism of workers representation. Trade Unions should ensure that this is put on the political agenda.

Main partners in this working area are the two major trade union federations KT "Podkrepa" and KNSB and their respective branch federations. German trade unions, as well as European and international organizations are also active partners. The regional trade union project is supporting additional activities for Bulgarian trade unions.


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