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Local Government


Bulgaria is still a highly centralized country. Its nine regions are plain administrative units but not a federal structure. Local government in the 264 municipalities of Bulgaria is executed by elected mayors and municipal councils. However; municipalities have limited fiscal competences and depend heavily on government subsidies.

An effective decentralization and the transfer of more responsibilities to the local level are an important base for improving the development of municipalities. Hence, not only structural reforms are needed, at the same time professional skills of the administration as well as of political structures require upgrading in order to implement these reforms.

After joining the EU the municipalities are confronted with the overwhelming task of bringing their infrastructure up to European standards by the end of 2013. Financial assistance is offered through the European Structural Funds. Comprehensive project proposals have to be developed and properly written and then submitted in time to the relevant Bulgarian and European authorities.

The most important partners in this field are the National Association of Municipalities as well as the respective ministries and agencies.


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