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FES in the Region

Objectives of FES regional activities in South East Europe are:

  • Strengthening of regional cooperation in South East Europe within the main goals and objectives of the Regional Cooperation Council for South East Europe in Sarajevo.

  • Support of the South East European countries in their efforts to integrate into European institutions and to prepare for membership in the European Union, unless they are already member states.

  • Creation of platforms for regional dialogue and structures for jointly solving common regional problems and challenges, mainly preventing cross-border inter-ethnic conflicts, as well as preventing potential cross-border crises.

  • Promotion of political dialogue between South East European countries and Euro-Atlantic partner countries. A special focus is put on the exchange with the newly acceded members of the EU.

  • Improvement of labour relations and social dialogue within the region and with Europe. An independent regional trade union project with an office in Belgrade is dedicated to this objective.

Our offices in the region:

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