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Promoting Democracy


The transition from a centralized autocratic one-party-system to a pluralistic European democracy is a deep and long-term project. All state structures need to be reformed to become competent for their new goals. The Principle of Law and European standards should be implemented. Important democratic actors, that did not play a decisive role in the old system, have to be reformed in order to prepare for their new functions in democracy. This refers especially to political parties, the media, as well as civil society organizations.

To encourage the process of democratization throughout political educational programmes is one of our main goals in Bulgaria. Our partners here are the Parliament, the Presidency, Institutions of Justice such as the National Institute of Justice, media, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the Media Democracy Foundation, research institutes, as the Institute for Political and Legal Studies, the Bulgarian Association for Political Sciences, the Center for Historical and Politological Studies the Center for the Study of Democracy, as well as foundations close to the parties - Dr. Petar Dertliev Foundation, Socldary Society Foundation and other NGOs.


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